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Daniel is using PowerBlock's Adjustable KettleBlockÔäó 40, you can find it here:

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  1. salsa4change

    First time doing this workout, totally loved it, will be doing this on a
    regular basis….thanks

  2. Nilla Mitt

    Can you guys do a sand bag routine?

  3. Holly Collins

    been looking for something to replace my expensive weekly kettlercise
    classes… and found your vids! Now I can blast my own music in the
    background and get a fantastic workout in ­čÖé thankyou. x

  4. Prateek Verghese

    Hey I wanted let you guys know that I’m an endurance athlete and my coach
    recommended doing kettlebells and I’ve been using your kettlebell videos
    and I have improved my 800m time by 5 seconds. 2:06 to 2:01. Thank You

  5. LenaLove08

    love this workout! is there anyway you can do a kb workout specifically
    designed for the booty?:)

  6. Jonathan Hinnen

    Question: which form of exercise generates a more effective EPOC (or
    afterburn), complexes or HIIT?

  7. claudia stewart

    I love fitness blender. This workout is well worth it. ´╗┐


    When I first started kettlebell workouts with you guys, I would be sore the
    next day or two (the good kind, from being so out of shape). Then after
    about a week and a half, the soreness quit happening. It’s been about 4
    weeks since I started this journey and I still work up a sweat and have a
    little muscle fatigue, but no soreness. Does this mean I need to move up on
    the weight of my kettlebell? I’ve been using a 12 lb one made by Reebok.
    Thanks!! Great videos!!´╗┐

  9. Maria V

    We want more´╗┐

  10. Karen Smith

    This is a killer lol! It looks deceitfully easy when sat at a computer
    watching it, but it’s not. What a workout, thank you! :D´╗┐

  11. proudbluestaterful

    omg thank u so much for posting i am drenched in sweat. i broke my ankle 6
    yrs ago and have never been able to return to the fitness level i had
    before, 14 pin and 2 plates makes it impossible to do burpees etc. now
    thank goodness i found kettle bells. love your work out´╗┐

  12. momonwilson

    Better then sex!!!!!´╗┐

  13. Jani Rapo

    This is a killer! Thanks!´╗┐

  14. Zaidani Zainy

    Did it with 10kg kettlebell and follow your reps. Post bcoz proud of myself
    as i thought my fitness is sucks!!!´╗┐

  15. Doreen Chan

    love it´╗┐

  16. Dino Smoljo

    This workout is very simple and very good, I could do 3rd round…but I’ll
    keep it for the next time :)´╗┐

  17. Susanne Matteson

    Good workout!´╗┐

  18. Caoimhe Casey

    Is this the first video?­čśé´╗┐

  19. Viviana Buriticá Zambrano

    Just finished it, feeling great!´╗┐

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