Jump Rope Weight Loss Routine – 20 Minute Home Cardio Workout

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  1. Adriana Astorga

    love it easy to remember im ganna do it im tryin to lose weight n be fit
    but i never really exercise in my life but i really want to so i think this
    is a great start for me 

  2. All4Reborns

    Wow, I am getting stronger!! Made it…no problemo!! Thanks



  4. Nobody important Nothing to see here

    Tbh, my workout didn’t even count because I kept messing up on jumping
    rope. :(


    just finished this workout, did it two times for two days

  6. Angelo Peter

    I have only been jogging all these months to reduce weight, and i did loose
    6Kgs in 4 weeks. But from here on it’s very very hard to reduce more
    weight. But this rope exercises looks tempting and i will but one on my way
    home. Good luck to me

    • Merwarid Yasir

      How did you lose such a large amount of fats just in 4 weeks? Any strategy?

    • Angelo Peter

      Commitment and a little bit of more commitment! By the way i have lost
      10Kgs now and the running still continues.

    • Yogita Gaur

      +Angelo Peter how i also want to reduce 22 kg n how much time it’ll take

    • +Angelo Peter did you lose weight by jump roping?

  7. Kari coocoo

    Well that was nice…felt great!

  8. Animals are my life

    great 🙂 but how many calories does this burn?

  9. Liga Ieviņa

    This vorkaut is amaizing

  10. Sandi F

    Workout complete!!! This is a good 20 min workout!!

  11. Sandi F

    Workout complete!!! This is a good 20 min workout!!

  12. Chelsea Meyers

    Holy Crap…I feel like I just ran like 3 miles…but got that done in just
    20 minutes! Kicked my butt. Messed up a few times but kept moving! 198-285
    calories burned!

  13. Michaelean Vorapanich

    Whew, Im tired.

  14. ayeitsfurfur

    I have been doing this for a week, and my ankles are killing me!

    • +Ayeeitssusie Oh you should totally take breaks (do this max 5 times a
      week), it’s really bad for your ankles if you do it more often than that

  15. Crystal Ptacek

    Like this workout, I was disappointed my other video can’t be seen in the
    US anymore. Thanks :)

  16. CheezyPies

    Thanks! I’m gonna try this out tomorrow :)

  17. Michelle Rea

    Love your jump rope workouts but it would be great to have one that is more
    modern and longer then 30 minutes? :)

  18. HJL Fitness

    awesome workout

  19. C Leitner

    My biggest problem with working out regularly was getting bored. Mountain
    climbers, jumping, etc continuously. I don’t have that problem with your

  20. C Leitner

    The single foot jumps are really hard on my ankle and I can never do all of
    them because of pain. I’m under twenty and I’ve never had ankle problems.

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