HIIT Workout for Fat Loss – FitnessBlender.com’s At Home HIIT Workout Program for Weight Loss

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  1. Gary Nicholas

    The workout is really great. Just what I needed. Is there any way you can
    incorporate an onscreen timer into the workout? 

    • FitnessBlender

      All of our newer workouts have a timer, a calorie counting bar, and are a
      lot higher quality, make sure to check out our newer stuff or you’re
      missing out! 🙂

  2. Beautylover66

    One request, could you also write down in the infobox, how many calouries
    each workout burns? :)

    • Arron Shelvin

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      Journey with astonishing results* Watch HERE >>>>>>>>>
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    • Mun Hong

      ▶ *WOW!* *Beyoncé’s* beauty *secrets* revealed => *MyDietStory .Us* (remove
      space and open in browser or google it, sorry youtube not allows to post me
      this link) HIIT Workout for Fat Loss – FitnessBlender.com’s At Home HIIT
      Workout Program for Weight Loss

    • Jaye Walter

      I have been using weight loss gren store tea for about 30 day, and so far i
      lost 5.5 pounds, but more than pounds i lost inches around my abdomen and
      waist. I did no notice any big changes on my energy level, but i must said
      that i like the way my clothes fit now.

    • Pigeon Morris

      it really depends on the person’s original weight, effort, etc.

  3. Liana Homyakova

    Woah that was a killer workout. My weight is 83 kilos and height is 1,64 cm
    so I’m overweight and I didn’t check the difficulty on this one and I
    actually finushed it. Then I checked the diffuculty and I’m so proud! I
    wanted to give up on this one 3 times due to all this jumping but I kept
    pushing myself and now Im feeeeling great! ON MY WAY TO HEALTHY LIFE!

    • LaLaLandgirl rose

      hey can you tell me what you’ve been eatin or which diet plan you’ve been
      followin while doin all these exercises ! And did you lose anymore weight!
      I’m gonna start this exercise from today ! I really wanna lose weight
      please reply!! Thank you! 🙂

    • Vũ Oanh

      +LaLaLandgirl rose after 3 week, I lose 4kg. I’m very busy so I do this
      exercise 1 time a day. Everyday I eat vegetables very much and a little
      meat. Instead of water, I drink lemonade without sugar 2 liters per day
      500ml water+1/2 lemon. And so surprise, my body look very diferent after 3

    • Trà Bonny

      +Vũ Oanh Bạn tập bài này mỗi ngày luôn hả bạn?? 🙁 mình tập bài này xong
      hoa mắt chóng mặt luôn

    • Vũ Oanh

      Ban đầu thì thấy hơi nặng nhưng tập lâu r xong nhớ bài thì thấy nó bt bạn ạ

  4. ItsMeChloeG

    Definitely had to stop a few times! This was killer. The only thing that
    kept me going was the short time length!

  5. Iman Martin

    dude I thought it was done. it was just the warm up yo. wtheck

  6. Great workout, lol. I’m trying to walk, but my legs aren’t getting the
    signal.. 😅 Thank Hod for the stretch, that really helped. 👍

  7. Sarah Holland

    For only two exercises, this sure is a killer workout 😀 great feeling
    though :)

  8. shreder89

    i just tried to do the whole thing. ten minutes in and i almost barfed.

  9. Esther Kamara

    One week ago I asked a staff at work “North Memorial Hospital physical
    therapy department” what exercise can she recommend for Abdominal Fat Lost
    and she recommended this website. I have lost seven (7) pound in one week.
    I encourage all of my friends to visit the site and workout at home at your
    own convenient.

  10. heba kamal

    It work will done love you fitnessblender

  11. Trà Bonny

    who could tell me how much calories can this workout burn?? :D. many tks

    • Aqid N

      168-315 calories there’s a link at the description to find out

  12. Lucy Watson

    I finished the workout but I hate mountain climbers
    I’m sweating but I don’t feel bad at all :)

  13. Sophia Doge

    here i am, paused at 6.14, trying to breath.

  14. Roody 22

    I think I burned calories just by watching.

  15. Young Messi

    I was pouring sweat gonna try and do this 5 times a week I’ll keep you guys

    • Rose Dimez

      any results so far? 🙂

    • Young Messi

      +Rose Dimez yeah I only did it for 1 week ima continue it again, but I lost
      4 pounds in a week but with a good diet ofcouse so it kind of depends on
      what your eating but it does work

    • Rose Dimez

      That sounds great! Keep up with the good work and thanks for replying 🙂

    • Young Messi

      +Rose Dimez no problem and thank you (:

  16. Cherry Bansal

    Any alternate for mountain climbers ?

    • Prabjot Sandhu

      stepping out rather than jumping out, it’s easier but you still get the
      same effect

  17. Jacqueline Macias

    Wow reading these comments made me feel so much better 😂 this was a hard
    af workout

  18. Sophia Renee

    Can’t believe this is 5 difficulty. I am amazed at myself.

  19. Alex_Juwi

    Really strong

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