HIIT Workout for Endurance and Strength – Intense Home Cardio Workout

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  1. iulia condurache

    i do not get it. 13 programs for 8 weeks? we should how, every day…twice
    a week..

  2. ladynottingham89

    Can females do this?

    • Dean Bär

      Why not? If you’re fit enough, sure.

    • I did BRUTAL HIIT Ladder Workout with Daniel… I think women can do it
      too.. besides what Kelly routine is also Daniel workout routine, just
      different in intensity or intervals.. 🙂

  3. Chris Walker

    Finished. Not too bad.

  4. Maythe Gomez

    Well I’m just wondering, does girls exercise with Daniel on the video 

  5. Maythe Gomez

    I have a question does all the girls or women’s work on the video with
    Daniel cause I usually workout with Kelly? 

  6. jaylmor

    That was brutal, especially that first set. #workoutplan30

  7. De M00rdenaaЯ Flikk3r

    One question, is this hell?

  8. Brandon Tabilisma

    Haven’t had a cardio session like this in a while 

  9. Calisthleticz Bar athleticz

    Keep it up!! love the workouts videos! salute from amsterdam!

  10. blessing kay mtetwa

    HIIT means high intensity interval training. this is not for begginers.

  11. Starry Night

    i have a question,,, Daniel workout videos are for men only? because i died
    at the first 5 min…

    • Marilyn Lauzon

      It is also for women, but the difficulty of this video was rated 5/5. You
      may want to start with a 3/5.

    • Starry Night

      thanks a lot for replying

  12. Marilyn Lauzon

    I liked the two first rounds (they were killers), but for a level 5 video,
    I thought the moves in the third and fourth round were too easy to make for
    only 20 seconds (I would have prefered 40). So it wasn’t the hardest, but I
    still had a good sweat!

  13. bareq1981

    damn, that was a tough one…

  14. M⋆i⋆s⋆k⋆i

    This is what I’m supposed to do today and I want to cry because it’s too
    difficult for me and, I wish I was dead so I wouldn’t have to do anything,
    I wouldn’t exist and I wouldn’t be depressed.

    • Manuj Madan

      +M⋆i⋆s⋆k⋆i I love you. Please be happy! And do fitness blender workouts
      everyday it really helps!


      same way I’m feeling, it’s too hard. i want to be fit , slim, and strong
      but if this is what it takes… I give yp


      +ULTRAMAN *up

    • Vondell Moore

      +ULTRAMAN if there something you want you work for it you do not give up


      +Vondell Moore I know, but it’s absolutely not easy

  15. Neil Pierre-Louis


  16. Tobias Niesel

    Uhhhh FCK!!!!!

  17. Teresa Guzmán Martínez

    ¡wonderful! :))

  18. Vezzalino

    Which dumbell did he use at min 5:26?

  19. cholakicha

    Killer one! Did you do the whole thing through or you put the replay for
    the next rounds? :)

  20. SpongeBob_ BiggestFan

    We can tell that this workout was done in the ice ages. Starting off the
    workout jumping up like apes without no warm up. And Daniel making up his
    own workout moves. Classic.

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