Full Length KettleBell Workout Video – Total Body Kettlebell Routine

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Daniel is using PowerBlock's Adjustable KettleBlock™ 40, you can find it here: Find out how many calories this burns here:

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  1. Karen Rocha

    Thank you so much! I appreciate this video and the time you spent on
    producing it. It helped me on my new kettlebell workout. Its awesome!
    Greetings from Los Cabos Mexico!

  2. nick mijajev

    need printable version please

    • FitnessBlender

      Go to the link in the description, every single one of our workout videos
      has a 500-1000 word write up on the details, plus info about calorie burn,
      muscles used, printable routine, how often to do the routine, etc

  3. I almost died while doing this, so insane! Thanks for these amazing (and
    free :D) workouts!

  4. karen wright

    im 51 y/o been working out for 22 years and all i can say is wow im
    sweating i loved the challenge..

  5. Rocio Salazar

    This workout is sooo insane! OMG! Gooddd, thanks FB!

  6. this is the hardest one by far- i did it 4 times in two years and just
    completed it today with a 45lb weight except for turkish getups where i
    used 20lb. (daniel does do only 6 reps where it says 8- I can only get to
    7 in the time allowed). anyway, there are no breaks and your forearms will
    be totally blown out when this is over. use chalk or powder or the weight
    might fly out of your hand and break something- i learned that the hard

  7. Heather Mandeville

    My buns are burning! Fabulous workout guys! 

  8. Owen McCafferty

    I have kettlebell and I’m looking for a **starter** workout this seems a
    bit advance, looking for a beginner workout maybe like 15 – 20 mins?? this
    looks interesting though.

    • Md. Shahadat Hossain (Frank)

      +Owen McCafferty interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out best
      kettlebell training try Barkola Kettlebell Blueprint (do a google search )
      ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got cool success with

    • Richard Strong

      +Owen McCafferty He does have some beginner kettlebell workouts.


    Love this workout any vids on warmup and stretching when finished. I cant
    find anything decent. Thanks for the awesome vids

  10. Koji Baskerville

    I totally lover very single HIIT, kettlebell, standing abs…. ALL
    FitnessBlenders workouts. 

  11. Sara Rodriguez

    Uuggggh. But, also wonderful.

  12. Angela Gouveia

    Need to take 2 minutes rest between rounds.

  13. Freeman Fry

    I couldn’t make it through the first round without taking breaks. Very
    challenging workout.

  14. David Rodriguez

    I started this work out around two years ago. Its my go to strength work
    out. When I started I thought I was going to pass out but I’m doing this
    2-3 times a week now. I went from around 220lbs to 200lbs. Also doing 2-3
    cardio work outs. Am I over doing this work out?

  15. beatriz barba

    I love this workout, is perfect too me. Not too hard, not too easy. I guess
    I just nedd bigger kettlebells next time ;)

  16. Ash21Scotland

    Hi. Is there a special technique or way to control the kettleblock? As i’m
    always finding it difficult in using this, and bruising my forearms 🙁 I
    tfeel as if the handle would be better if it faced the other way, so your
    forearm would be hitting off the flat surface of block and not the other

    • BlueSentinel

      +Ash21Scotland are you talking about the cleans ?..if so squeeze the handle
      when reaching the top of the movement to slow down the kettlebell 🙂

  17. BlueSentinel

    hey folks, nice vid..was wondering..the reps you have are very high, is
    this an endurance programme?

  18. Mark “Never Too Old to Train” Lidster

    He is not demonstrating a true one handed kettle-bell swing using the
    posterior chain and a hip hinge. It’s a squat swing mash up of some kind.
    This can lead to back issues.

    • Richard Strong

      +Mark “Fit Past Fifty” Lidster Can you recommend any tutorial videos? There
      are a bunch out there but it is difficult to figure out which is the
      correct form.

  19. mellowmafia

    Wow, that was intense.. But I finished! Had to modify some moves and take
    short breaks in between but it feels so good to be done! The only problem I
    had was with my hands getting so sweaty that it was hard to keep hold on
    the kettlebell. 😀 Fortunately it didn’t slip and nothing broke haha! Thank
    you for the workout! #workoutcomplete

  20. M kinz

    What the hell is this the training routine to wrestle rabid bears??!! I
    mean it’s done but seriously WOW!

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