Fitness Blender Kids Workout – 25 Minute Fun Workout for Kids at Home

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This special edition Kids Workout is for all of our Blenders and their little ones. Go at your own pace; take breaks when you need to, and have fun! More info @
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  1. orion orpilla

    I wanted there to be at least one guy in this video, but OK, i’m 12 btw

    • xvipgirlmspx Ram

      +orion orpilla can 1 say what to you?youare there in the video you are that
      4-5 year child hahahahahaha

    • orion orpilla

      Say what you want about me, I don’t care, i’m correcting your mistakes.
      Simple as that. You just keep getting all defensive. Your insults do
      nothing but make you look even more idiotic because of the horrible grammar
      skills i’m trying to fix. I’m really trying to help you, but you won’t let
      me. So get ready for 8th grade english classes

    • xvipgirlmspx Ram

      crazy girl 🙂

    • orion orpilla

      you know ima guy, its fine though. Your just immature.

    • xvipgirlmspx Ram

      +orion orpilla please forgive me?

  2. im a viligar

  3. jess chouhan

    Gosh! That’s so adorable!! My 5 year old is always asking me to include her
    while I exercise with Kelli 😄 This is just perfect!

  4. Aisha Metts

    i am 10 and I do this and I like it

  5. XinYi XYLN

    I’m not a kid, but I do this workout cuz I’m too lazy to do the actual
    adult one… is that bad?
    Anyone else?

    • Sophia Renee

      It’s okay, because any workout is a good workout. If you want to slowly
      work yourself up to more advanced videos, then do that. It would be cool to
      see yourself progress to more advanced levels. But, you do you.

    • XinYi XYLN

      +Sophia Renee thanks 🙂 it’s really good advice. I actually have moved up
      to workouts that are a bit harder, but I still can’t do cardio.. I also go
      back to use this video when I’m tired or not up for other workouts tbh

    • Sophia Renee

      +XinYi XYLN Yep, at the end of some of their cardio I look like mashed
      potatoes. There are moments where I have to take 90 second long rests when
      I should be taking ten. It’s all about staying active, motivated, and that
      you’re working hard. We all work at our own pace 🙂

    • XinYi XYLN

      XD alright, thanks! You work at yours, and I’ll work at mine 🙂

    • Camelia Perez

      This is awesome 😁😀😁😀

  6. Kleiner Kaktus 23


  7. lonnie marstellar


  8. Meya Bernard

    I’m a kid and I’m doing this exercise I want to lose at least 4lb I’m
    already healthy but I do it everyday the seconds nd time yesterday I did
    lots of your videos.

  9. Ana A.

    just did this with my 8 year old and we are drenched in sweat. ..great
    workout complete!! :)

  10. annie newbury

    i’m an adult and i did the workout on my trampoline and I’m exhausted

  11. Shaukat Ali

    I love this I do it daily

  12. Summer Blackhurst

    LOVE THIS!!!

  13. Norma Flores

    How much calories does this burn?

  14. Sheena Bhatnagar


  15. Megan Spradling

    My daughter has been watching me do your videos throughout my weight loss
    journey. she’s my biggest supporter, telling me I’m looking “much more
    straight!” (thinner)…. she asked if there were kids videos and I found
    this… she absolutely loves playing the red light/green light game.

    thank you for posting this! I love you guys.

  16. Mrs. Lewis

    Love it! Perfect workout for me and my 2 kids.

  17. Sherry M

    Kelli please do more of these workouts!!! I need my little sis to get in


    Did anyone notice that the pink shirt girl is about to dab at 13:50

  19. Sophia Renee

    I really love to do this when I’m short on time. It’s not to exhausting,
    but definitely burns some calories. It’s also fun to put a lot of effort
    into the exercises, since they are often easy alone. I’m in my best shape
    than I’ve been in for months, but this still gets my heart-rate up (at
    least when I give it my all).

  20. Siham Bkr

    yahaa that’s funny I wish to do more like this ^^

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