Cardio Kickboxing Workout – Full Length Kickboxing Workout Video by Fitness Blender

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  1. Karan Ruparelia

    Gr8 workout.. my body started getting its shape in less than 3 months..
    thank you so much for this super workout video :)

  2. Ioini Everson

    This workout is a great sweat factory, I always loved this one!

  3. 1rocketlauncher

    any beginner version of this? too fast paced for me.

    • Matthew G (GeniusBehindAComputer)

      +1rocketlauncher you don’t have to go as fast as he is. (that’s what she
      said) you can go at your own pace 😉

  4. Brightasdays

    love it so much! ♥ thank you as always! you’re the best of the best!

  5. Ashlee Nicole

    I upper cut myself 😄 but It was fun none the less!

    • Lauren Siegert

      +Ashlee Nicole I’m klutzy and I, too, have managed to punch myself in these
      kickboxing routines lol

    • Ashlee Nicole


    • norcalcu03

      +Ashlee Nicole I swear I always get so close to upper cutting myself…
      just waiting for it to happen when I get super tired. lol

    • TetraCurse

      +norcalcu03 Try to keep your fist about a foot away from your face when you
      are uppercutting. It sounds really obvious but try to aim at an imaginary
      target (or a bag if you have one) instead of swinging at the air. 🙂

  6. Mrs Uzumaki

    Do you guys have a 4/8 week kickboxing program? I’d love to have a go :)

  7. Wei liang Liu

    3 days after following this video, my back and shoulder are still sore in a
    good and awesome way!

  8. Bipolar Warlock

    One of my favorite youtube channels, you guys rock! Thanks. That was a
    great workout.

  9. Ed Waken

    E r. Ev

  10. Sorin Alex

    Great ” busting ” of the calories but your fighting skills need
    improvement. Never front kick with the leg in front, same on a high kick.
    Don`t uppercut with your right hand unless you change your stance during
    the combo. But good hustle tho`

    • Haroun Kobeissi

      +Sorin Alex Says who? It’s mot about the fighting skills here, and reading
      your comment about never front kick with the leg in front says enough about
      your “skills” kicking with your front leg is completely fine lmfao.

  11. Romina Huenchunao

    Hi Kelli and Daniel. I’ve been doing your 4 week fat loss program,
    unfortunately i’ve hurt one of my knees pretty bad and cannot continue with
    it, but this workout is perfect (no jumps no squats no lunges)! I would
    like to know if you are planning on a kickboxing program any time soon…?
    I would purchase it asap!

  12. Trish Mullens

    I am so not coordinated. I was terrible at this! I’m glad no one saw me lol

  13. Bilal jutt


  14. Maria Vue

    Workout complete. I can definitely feel soreness near my upper chest.

  15. Top Khadka

    Hey u r. Too quick

  16. Katie Kaboom

    awesome burn!!

  17. Yasar Y19861986y

    جيد جدا

  18. Ronesha M Watkins

    I’m so out of shape I almost passed out in the warm up but I’m going to do
    this every day and if it kills me I will finish and loose this muffin top 

    • Mishy Shakil

      Don’t do it everyday alternate it with other exercises or else your body
      would get used to it and it won’t make much difference.

  19. Charlotte H

    does this really burn 270-405 calories

    • タラTaraの夜Night

      +Charlotte H I think so, i was honestly surprised myself

  20. omar Great workout nicely done. budairi

    Great workout as usual.

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