At Home High Intensity Interval Training – Cardio HIIT Workout with Fitness Blender

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  1. M⋆i⋆s⋆k⋆i

    If some of you guys feels dizzy or want to vomit during the workout, I
    think you should stop. It’s not okay to feel that way and by the time you
    finish you won’t feel great as usual.

    Listen to your body.

  2. M⋆i⋆s⋆k⋆i

    Someone has to mention it, burpees were the easiest.
    [Even easier than the warm up in my opinion.]

  3. Tony Rubbico

    def the hardest HIIT workout you guys have, now i gotta screen all your
    videos before hand to make sure those double butt kicks ar’nt in the
    workout lol

  4. Its Thanksgiving today! I have been a loyal FB workout’er(?) for 3+ yrs(do
    it couple times a week)!! I am thankful that I keep finding new FB
    workouts, like this 3yr old gem – have done soon many of their workouts and
    thought I had done all of their best workouts and I trip onto this
    today!!!!! Loved it. Happy Thanksgiving D & K!

  5. ritika singhal

    I need to get in shape. lose weight. please guide me what should I do? I
    feel embarrassed coz of weight

  6. Emma Kocik

    This was so hard! I usually have the will to push through every exercise
    but this one had me quitting 🙁 definitely met my match workout!

  7. MaryStellaRose

    I did this but I changed many exercises to low impact, no jumping :)

  8. Mária Nagyová

    this was pure torture. i had to swap the double leg butt kicks for other

  9. Csilla Brimer

    I gave up at 20min…just couldn’t finish it. This is crazy hard

  10. Csilla Brimer

    I think I’m going to continue to challenge myself with this until I see
    results. I think this def. compares with Insanity

    • Ana Clara

      I made the 8 weeks program from Insanity and I almost died, hahaha
      this video here its terrible too, it made me sweat more than 1 hour of
      power jump at the gym 😛

  11. ReRe Chan

    I did this with a lot of pauses and changed the double butt kicker to just
    butt kicker. It is crazy hard but workout is complete!

  12. manulivyvita

    I couldn’t make it out of tiredness and boredom! Same exercise four times
    plus super long intervals and very few exercises? It gets a little too
    repetitive for me

  13. Esse Johnson

    You guys are amazing and I love your workouts. This one is too repetitive
    for me, though. That said, I did the whole thing but sub’d out some of
    those double but kickers for singles. #sweat

  14. Jenwales1

    I could’nt do the double leg butt kicks! ARGH! I’ve been doing the other
    HIT 30 secounds on. I just did this and I realised it wasa minute on, no
    wonder I’m struggling. Will have to check the workout before I do it. WOW

  15. Ezcore G

    Brutal, 100%

  16. Irenia Campos

    Totally dead !

  17. veronica bellotti

    This is as I said another to add to my long stretch of list, defo repeat,
    great challenging workout, one to share. Im so stubborn, I wont improvise
    your workouts, THE only workout part I could not do was the YOGA Crab, my
    head would not budge off the floor.HAHA big head.

  18. MusikNLyfe

    Modified the crap out of these moves but at least I powered through. Next
    time ill focus more on form rather than speed.Almost mess my ankles up
    doing the flutter squats. Completed it though.:)

  19. Elizabeth Ng

    Workout complete!

  20. Jojo evilchocobunny

    I was already tired after the warming up LOL I wish you had less exercises
    with jumping on the floor and getting up quickly because they give me

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