Advanced Kettlebell Workout – Calorie Blasting Weight Loss Kettlebell Routine

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  1. Tanya Walker

    I would only strongly advise on the around the world move to use a light
    weight. I know he said but do it!!! Otherwise, great workout…out of
    breath. I was afraid one more round was going to sneak up on me! LOL!

  2. One of my go-to exercises. Done this many many times.

  3. farrahintajak

    Wowwwwww. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 this one.

  4. Mjw Mjw

    Dablackfly and Justin are morons, these are exercises using a kettlebell to
    maximize burning calories, if you want to do strict kettlebell movements
    then go to Russia

  5. Roberto Vincenzi

    Ciao,dove posso acquistare quel kettlebel del video?? grazie!

  6. Ashley .Nicole

    Just finished this..whew! Love the half dragon fly the most!!

  7. Yashica Morgan

    Workout Complete!!!! Loved it.
    I would love to see more really advanced moves.
    Loved the over head cross

  8. Ashley .Nicole


    • Fabrizio Boschetto

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    • Ashley .Nicole

      ? +Fabrizio Boschetto​

  9. Lauren Siegert

    Came back to this workout, as I hadn’t done it in about two years!
    Definitely had more endurance, but could not manage the ‘around the world’
    with a 25lb kettle bell, so did some weighted side lunges instead. I’m not
    the fastest with my burpees to begin with, so completely dropped the weight
    on the second round and just did 20 burpees. This is super cardio heavy and
    sweaty, but I made it through!

  10. Jordan Hunnicutt

    This workout is a killer! Love it, I’m adding it to my personal favorites.

  11. Prentice Osborne

    O…M…G…that was nuts!

    • jorge silva

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    • Mario Rolli

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  12. Andrea Schroeder

    This is a kettlebell routine that I keep coming back to. I love doing it on
    my leg days. Very killer and intense. 

  13. Seyhan Sakalli

    I was doing this routine like 2-3 times a week last year, came back to find
    out how killer it is, apparently my body couldn’t push its limits today,
    but hey workout complete!!

    • Husky Mansion

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  14. Amy Mccuiston

    Love this workout!!! :)

  15. Bill Gehring

    great workout! tore me apart.

  16. Hanem Sadek

    I literally have swear beads dripping down my face and neck! Killer!!

    • Hanem Sadek


    • ankita srivastava

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      kettlebell program try Alkarno Kettlebell Alchemist (do a search on google
      ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy got excellent
      success with it.

  17. Tori Brown

    I like the video, just need some music.

    • Speakingfor Crows

      I like that we can put our own music behind the workout. 🙂

  18. MrDamonLeBeouf

    can i suggest you check your form while doing your swings? overall i LOVE
    all your vids, but im not going to do swings the same way you do. not at

  19. Lauren Siegert

    This is a rough routine. I had to use lighter weight on the burpee and
    clean/overhead cross groups, and take a couple short breaks between
    exercises. BUT, I burned a high number of calories for the short time I put
    into my workout.

  20. Jayzel DS

    wow it’s really an advanced workout. i skipped the dragon thing and the one
    where you rotate your kettlebell

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