30 Minute Ski Conditioning Workout – Fitness Blender Strength and Cardio Training

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  1. Scotty Schumann

    that was wicked! great cardio and exposed a lot of weakness in my legs.
    if i grab a core workout to alternate with this one i’ll be rippin’ it up
    this season!

  2. Matas Vaskis

    this is hard :D

  3. Megan Keenan Buecking

    I’ve had ski related knee injuries in the past and was looking for
    exercises to build knee strength for ski season. This workout definitely
    targets the muscles that protect your knees and is great for balance and
    stability, so I think continuing with this workout through the fall will be
    really helpful. I would not recommend it to anyone with fresh knee injuries
    as there is a lot of twisting and impact on the knees!

  4. Jasz-Jordan Abdilla Gough

    i just did this and at 10:46 i lost consciousness and luckily landed on the

    • Jasz-Jordan Abdilla Gough

      gotta be fit for snowboarding in feb!

    • Scatford

      A rush of blood to the head. Doing high intensity exercises and stopping
      dead causes this. To help you get through the exercise your body pumps
      blood more quickly around your body to supply the muscles with oxygen. You
      should do an on the spot jog (for 10-20 seconds) to allow your blood flow
      to decrease properly.

  5. Chad Koenig

    This is a great workout! It took me a few weeks until I could make it
    through the entire session. Nicely produced and high quality.

  6. Korbin Griffin

    I went skiing last week and my legs were toast.

  7. trannyglitter12

    Great routine. Harder than done of the other ones. Feel it in my abs. Used
    heavier weights than specified 

  8. Babak Fard

    Is it fine to start it in the middle of the season? (now mid Feb)I wonder
    if it makes the muscles exhausted for the real ski.
    If yes, what is your recommendation for doing it? Daily, every other
    day,… (I know it depends on body condition. for me, at the end of a day
    skiing in muguls must of the time, I felt pain in my thigh muscles and
    could not control very well while skiing!!)

  9. Victor Mate

    how many times a week should I do this exercise

  10. Agata Juraszczyk

    love it! thanks

  11. Linda Paul

    Definitely the best from home workout I’ve found. I try to keep my knees
    loose and bent during the hop exercises. This makes the landing less
    jarring and I would think also make this more ski-like. The lateral hops
    are hard on my ankles, so I two-leg those and concentrate on the distance
    of the hop and I keep going right through the “switch” break to keep my
    cardio going. Also, I try to keep my hands and lower arms in front of me
    and level, as if I were holding ski poles. This way the arms are not
    contributing to upward momentum in the hops and I’m isolating the exercise

  12. Dana Vance

    great workout…thanks

  13. Keith Knuckey

    Great workout for ski conditioning. It’s punishing, but 30 minutes well
    spent. I”m glad to see from the other comments below that I’m not the only
    one that finds this hard 🙂 Recommended

  14. Tom'sTechHD

    Will this prepare me for skiing possibe in 7 days time hahaha I know ive
    let this late and im not in the best shape tbh not fat but got a little
    flab on the stomach and i get breathless a bit earlier cus of my asma any
    tips for me thanks

  15. Sarah Farrant

    Great video, just wish it included some music!

  16. Xavier Hulpiau

  17. TheRevelegendEMG

    The first day I did this I felt like I was going to collapse half way
    through. Then I got delayed onset muscle soreness (normal after a new
    routine). The advice said to work through the soreness so, I tried this
    routine a couple of days later, and it was actually easier. Amazing how
    quick the body starts to adapt to new workouts!

    So for anyone aching after the first time, don’t get put off, get stuck in!

  18. Electrico 2015

    SUper workout
    Da komme ich ins Schwitzen, trainiere meine Muskeln und was viel wichtiger
    ist mein Gleichgewichtssinn

  19. adsfheh

    Hey guys, i wanna know when do you rest and for how long. For example after
    every set, or after completing a set of the two or three exercises in the
    group. Thanks in advance!

    • +adsfheh I know right? He says and let it rest but doesn’t allow for rest
      in the video…

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